December 1, 2018


Reiki Classes

If you are not a Certified Reiki Practitioner and wish to become one, you can do so by taking classes through the International Center of Light. The classes typically take a weekend to complete. In our lineage of Reiki, we give training in First Degree Reiki, Second Degree Reiki and Reiki Master classes.

Three Degrees of the Usui System of Natural Healing

First Degree Reiki Class – 12 hours over 2 to 4 days

  • Reiki History
  • Treatment for self and others
  • Four initiations
  • Hand positions
  • The Spiritual Precepts

Provides Grounding, Opening, Receiving, Clearing and Cleansing. Cost is $225

Second Degree Reiki Class – 12 hours over 2 to 4 days

  • Review of First Degree
  • One initiation
  • Three symbols
  • Use of symbols

Minimum practice time of three months is required before second degree training. Alliance certificate or comparable training needed to register. Certificate to accompany registration.

Provides deeper initiation and agreement to serve yourself and others. Cost is $500

Reiki Master Training – Minimum of one year

  • Living the Spiritual Precepts
  • Further use of symbols
  • Teaching and Living Reiki
  • One Initiation
  • Master Symbol

Minimum practice time of one year required before master training. After a minimum of one year training is completed masters teach first and second degree students. Three years teaching experience is necessary before accepting a master candidate. First and Second Degree Alliance certificates or comparable training needed.

Provides deeper commitment between Masters and level of commitment to Usui Shiki Ryoho.


More Information

If you live in the Venice, FL or Sarasota County area and wish to learn more about becoming a Reiki Practitioner and our Reiki Class schedule, please let us know with the contact form below: